Arriving to Pisatahua

A 90-minute boat ride down the Madre de Dios River… followed by a 20-minute walk through the Aquiquana Jungle Reserve.  Guests then re-enter a boat and traverse the coast of the Aquicuana Lake until we arrive at Pisatahua.  The center is located on 80 hectares of remote rainforest in one of the most bio-diverse areas of the world.

Amazon Comfort and Sustainability

Pisatahua was carefully designed to maximize the comfort of our guests, while minimizing our impact on the environment.  All cabins were constructed with sustainably harvested secondary-growth rainforest materials.  We went to great lengths to minimize the removal of any vegetation and utilize energy efficient technologies.   For more information on our sustainable living measures, please refer to our Ecolodge Sustainability page.


All cabins were designed through the adaptation of local construction techniques to meet the needs of our guests.  Our cabins maintain the rustic appeal of a jungle lodge, without sacrificing many of the amenities of a modern hotel.  All rooms are completely private, secluded and extremely spacious.  They are fully furnished with private bathrooms and showers.  Cabins have high thatched-roofs and sit one meter above the jungle floor.

Each cabin room comes equipped with 2 twin beds, wooden shelving, a large dresser, kerosene lamps, night-stands, an indoor hammock, a writing desk, chairs, and fresh drinking water. Rooms have clean private bathrooms. We provide fresh linens, towels and laundry service.

All cabins are situated facing the lake with enormous windows to maximize ventilation.  Additionally, they all have spectacular views of the Aquicuana Lake Reserve.


The Maloca is a large circular wooden building with a domed thatPisatahua's Maloka Cabinched roof made from palm trees.  Its spacious layout is entirely open with 360 degrees of windows.  The Maloca is the largest structure and ceremonial center of the eco-lodge.  All ayahuasca ceremonies take place in the maloca and it also serves as a space for meditation and yoga instruction.  Guests are always welcome to respectfully use this space however they choose.

The Maloca is equipped with mattresses, pillows, blankets, buckets, yoga mats and hand towels.  Additionally, there is a large altar with numerous items of spiritual power. Our public bathrooms are located 10 meters outside the maloca.  The bathrooms are connected via a raised walkway to allow for easy and safe access during ceremony.

The panoramic view from inside the maloca is absolutely breathtaking.


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