Art and Research Opportunities

At Pisatahua we provide free art residencies, research sabbaticals and select volunteer opportunities to qualified and dedicated individuals. We’re particularly interested in individuals looking to expand their consciousness, while making a positive contribution to our global community.

Selected applicants will receive a scholarship to stay at Pisatahua with free room and board. Residents can attend ceremonies and participate in lodge activities at no cost.

Research Sabbaticals

Individuals with a sincere desire to work with plant medicines as a cognitive tool to further their scientific development are encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to applicants who clearly define their research and its role in addressing human and ecological predicaments of the 21st century.

Applications are welcome from any discipline including medicine, psychology, physics, computer science, mathematics, engineering, anthropology, ecology, botany and neuroscience.

Art Residents

At Pisatahua we provide a space for artists to challenge their normal boundaries and further develop their skill — a setting where artists can connect with, and be inspired by, the wonder of the Amazon Jungle.

Pisatahua’s isolated retreat location removes external distractions.  In this setting artists can enter into heavily-concentrated and deeply-creative states.  The Amazon provides inspiration, and ceremonies allow for access to spectacular visionary realms and unique mental processes.

Pisatahua is especially interested in visionary painters; however, applicants from other mediums such as creative writing and music are encouraged to apply.


At Pisatahua we offer work-exchange opportunities to a select number of applicants. Individuals with a sincere interest in making a positive and lasting contribution are invited to become part of our community.

We’re currently looking to for volunteers with experience in mental health, cooking, botany, sustainable development, permaculture, meditation, yoga, mycology, massage and other healing modalities. For more information on our volunteer program, please refer to our ayahuasca volunteer retreat page.

We believe that new ideas and artistic expressions are required to address the unique set of social and ecological problems we face as a global society.