What is La Dieta?

  • A traditional method of detoxification.
  • A period of rest, repose and meditation.
  • A strategy to stimulate the body’s innate ability to self-heal.
  • An ancient technique to help facilitate access to the spirit realm.

To begin, La Dieta requires a commitment to specific dietary and behavioral restrictions. The inviolate rules are no alcohol, pork, peppers, sugars, oils, caffeine, sex, and chemicals on the body (perfumes, soap, bug spray, etc.).  La Dieta also requires dedication to oneself.  It requires stillness and concentration, an openness to change, and plenty of time spent alone in nature.

These guidelines help facilitate physical and mental detoxification.  They produce enlightened states of consciousness where self-healing and personal transformations occur.  They also calm the rational mind and provide a space for the world of spirit to enter.

Traditional Practices

La Dieta is a method to develop relationships with plant spirits. These spirits act as protectors or doctors, each with unique powers.  During the course of La Dieta, spirits reveal themselves and teach the practitioner a song; called an Icaro.  The Icaro is a form of private communication that can be used to summon the spirit during an ayahuasca ceremony or in times of need.

A healer may diet and develop relationships with numerous plants.   In fact, many spend years dieting and know hundreds of Icaros. Through this training, they know which spirits to call on to diagnose disease, which spirits to heal specific afflictions, and which spirits to guide and protect the ceremony.

Ayahuasca Diet at Pisatahua

Pisatahua’s secluded location is an ideal environment to learn with this ancient technique.   Our facilities provide a safe and comfortable space to explore the jungle and disconnect from daily distractions. Our healers and facilitators offer the necessary community of support and guidance to assist guests throughout this journey.

While guests are encouraged to dedicate as much time to solitary reflection as possible, we also recommend engaging in communal activities  like yoga, jungle walks, and canoe rides.

During la dieta healers prescribe a specific medicinal plant to “Diet”.  The plant is chosen according to the distinct needs of each guest. Participants drink tea made from this plant every morning for the duration of their diet.

Each plant has a unique effect; however, the purpose of La Dieta is consistent: to detox the physical and mental body, while awakening the creative-spiritual forces within.