Ayahuasca Integration

Integration is the process by which the insights gained during a retreat are incorporated into one’s life in a way that benefits the individual and their community.

At Pisatahua, we are committed to supporting your post-retreat integration. Our staff is here to assist you throughout this transitional period. During a retreat, we provide specific integration techniques and hold optional group discussions. After a retreat, we continue to stay in touch and encourage you to contact our staff anytime.

A retreat can be a very powerful and transformative experience. Guests may receive profound spiritual insights and healing. Many improve their levels of energy, clarity and creativity. Most make an intimate connection with fellow travelers, facilitators, and healers. Generally speaking, the biggest challenge isn’t achieving a transformative experience, its implementing the lessons learned after the retreat ends.

Post Dieta: A Traditional Ayahuasca Integration Practice

The duration of the ‘post-dieta’ depends on the length of the retreat and the plant(s) dieted. Generally speaking, guests should avoid heavily processed foods and consume a high ratio of fresh fruits and vegetables. A light vegetarian diet is recommended. Individuals should consume lots of water and avoid non-natural cosmetic products.

Following a 9-day retreat, we recommend avoiding the following for a minimum of one week:

  • Alcohol or Drugs
  • Pork or Red Meat
  • Fermented or Fried Foods
  • Processed Sugars
  • Coffee/ Stimulants
  • Dairy
  • Chili
  • Sex
  • Non-natural Cosmetics
  • Intense Physical Exercise
Plant medicines can expand your consciousness and teach you profound lessons. To navigate this new terrain, its important to give yourself time to anchor your expanded awareness. Time to discover and process the insights received during the retreat.

Further Ayahuasca Integration Suggestions and Techniques:

  • Rest and allow time for contemplation of the insights obtained during the retreat.
  • Pay attention to nutrition. Follow the post-dieta guidelines and hydrate.
  • Wait a few weeks before implementing any major life changes/decisions.
  • Don’t overshare your experience or try and make rational sense of it too early.
  • Journal to recover lost aspects and help process emotions.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Review your experience with regards to your original intention.
  • Identify which aspects of your experience seem necessary to incorporate into your life.
  • Practice yoga, meditation or other embodied spiritual practice.
  • Contact Pisatahua staff for additional support.
The work carried out at Pisatahua is part of a process. Participants must also continue to integrate the experience into ‘real-life’. Without proper integration, the experience can become a fading memory.

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