9-Day Retreat

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  • Plant Medicine Retreat

    Our 9-day retreat provides individuals the opportunity to work with plant medicines in one of the Amazon’s most biologically diverse rainforests. Space is limited to 8 guests with 2 trained multi-lingual facilitators.  Guests stay in spacious cabins with private bathroom/shower and spectacular views of the Aquicuana Lake Reserve.  Our 9-day retreat includes 4 ayahuasca ceremonies and all the services mentioned below.

    Retreat Services

    • Pre-Arrival Support
    • Airport Pick-up on Arrival
    Transportation to Lodge
    • Spacious Accommodation in Lake-Front Cabins
    All Food and Drink (Tasty, Healthy, Detox Menu)
    • Consultation with Healers
    • Multi-Lingual Staff Support
    • Small-Group Ayahuasca Ceremonies
    Medicinal Plant Diets
    • Floral Baths
    • Yoga Classes & Guided Meditation (Seasonal)
    Canoe Rides and Fishing
    • Guided Jungle Walks
    Integration Support

  • Retreat Cost

    $1200 Private Room
    $800 Shared Room (per person)

    * Guests may be able to extend their stay beyond the 9 days for a fee of $100 per night for a private room; $75 per night for a shared room.
    * Retreat fees help fund community development and conservation projects.

    We limit all 9-day retreats to a maximum of 8 participants to ensure that each guest receives the personal attention they require. Retreats may fill up months in advance. If you want to guarantee a spot, fill out a brief application.

    Payment Terms
    • We accept payment through the secure online system PayPal. Once your application is approved, we’ll issue you an invoice via email.
    • Prospective guests pay a deposit of 50% of the retreat cost to confirm their reservation. Guests can also choose to pay the full retreat amount when booking.
    • Fees should be paid (in-full) 30-days prior to the start of a retreat.
    • For cancellations, we can only provide a refund if we’re able to fill your place in the retreat.
    • Please don’t book flights until we’ve accepted your application.

  • Retreat Dates/Vacancy

    Pisatahua’s 9-day Retreat Schedule (2018)

    Start Date – End Date Space Availability
    February 19th – February 27th  Closed   Apply
    March 9th – March 17th  Closed   Apply
    March 26th – April 3rd  Closed   Apply
    April 30th  – May 8th  Closed   Apply
    May 18th – May 26th  Closed   Apply
    June 15h – June 24th  Closed   Apply
    July 9th – July 18th  Closed   Apply
    August 3rd – August 12th  Closed   Apply
    August 30th – September 7th  Closed   Apply
    October 29th – November 6th  Open   Apply
    November 30th – December 8th  Open   Apply
  • Retreat Itinerary

    Each retreat itinerary is unique due to varying participant preferences and support staff specializations.  We organize small-group retreats, making it easy for us to adapt our itinerary.  If a guest is interested in fishing, he/she would only need to ask.  If a group is particularly interested in yoga classes, we can offer them every day.

    All activities are completely optional and we encourage everyone to make up their own schedule.  Many guests prefer to spend their days lounging in a hammock overlooking the Aquicuana Lake Reserve.  Please see our activities page for more info.

    * Guests should arrive in Riberalta a minimum of one day prior to the start of their retreat.  Our staff will help plan your arrival, assist in booking internal (Bolivian) flights, reserve your hotel (if necessary), and pick you up from the airport.

  • Additional Info

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