Free Volunteer Opportunities

At Pisatahua we offer work-exchange opportunities to a select number of applicants. Individuals with a sincere interest in making a positive and lasting contribution are invited to become part of our community.

All volunteer positions are completely free.  All volunteers receive a private-room, healthy vegetarian meals, and access to ceremonies and activities at no cost.

We invest in our volunteers and recognize their importance to our retreat-center and non-profit.  In return, we expect a high level of dedication and personal responsibility.  We expect proactive professionals able to make a sincere commitment.

Specific Volunteer Roles

We are currently looking to for skilled professionals with experience in holistic-health practices, yoga, meditation, botany, mental health, mycology, cooking, sustainable development, permaculture and oil/soap making.

We accept applications of all kinds and encourage everyone to apply.  We are open to creating new and unanticipated roles depending on the unique skills and life experiences of our applicants.

Below are a few specific (yet flexible) roles we seek to fill:

Plant Guide Specialist
Permaculture Specialist
Oil/Soap Maker
Mental Health Specialist

General Volunteers

Pisatahua also receives “general” volunteers who can assist on a range on projects.  Tasks depend on the applicant’s experience and interest, as well as our needs. Applicants will coordinate with Pisatahua’s staff to develop a mutually beneficial role.  Click on the link below for a more detailed description:

Ayahuasca Retreat Volunteer (General)

Volunteer Expenses

• There are no costs to volunteer with Pisatahua

Pisatahua Provides

We provide dedicated individuals the rare opportunity to live in one of the most biodiverse areas of the Amazon, while learning about plant medicines from traditional healers. All volunteers receive accommodation, food and drink, travel to lodge, and access to on-site activities and ceremonies.  Volunteers will also have access to our volunteer communal-home and non-profit office in the city of Riberalta.

Volunteer Application

Please send the following information to info@pisatahua.org, clearly stating your position(s) of interest:

  • Your CV/resume
  • A cover letter explaining your interest in partnering with Pisatahua

In your cover letter, please mention your available dates, languages spoken, specific skills that would be beneficial to our work, previous experience with plant medicines and/or retreats and what you hope to learn during your stay with us.

* Despite being volunteer positions, we receive many applications and it’s competitive. We’re looking for dedicated individuals, willing to make a true commitment.  We ask you to take your responsibilities seriously. We receive no more than 3 volunteers per month.