Monthly Retreat

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  • Retreat Overview

    Our month-long retreat provides a full-immersion experience into the world of plant medicines. Deep physical & emotional healing, elevated states of consciousness, and profound personal transformations are common.  All guests stay in lake-view cabins with private bathrooms and showers.   Monthly retreats include consultation with our healers to determine the correct plant medicine dieta, and all the services mentioned below.

    Retreat Services
    • Pre-Arrival Support
    • Airport Pick-up on Arrival
    Transportation to Lodge
    • Accommodation in Lake-Front Cabin, or Isolation Cabin
    All Food and Drink (Tasty, Healthy, Detox Menu)
    • Personal Consultation with Healers
    • Multi-Lingual Staff Support
    • Small-Group Ayahuasca Ceremonies (minimum 2 per week)
    Medicinal Plant Diets
    • Floral Baths
    • Yoga Classes & Guided Meditation (Seasonal)
    • Guided Jungle Walks
    • Canoe Rides and Fishing
    Integration Support
  • Retreat Cost (Per Month)

    $2,800 Private Room
    $2,000 Shared Room (per person)*

    Guests are welcome to extend their stay beyond a month.
    * Month-long diets require sufficient personal space and its unusual for guests to share a room.
    Retreat fees help fund community development and conservation projects.

    We typically limit month-long retreats to a maximum of 2 participants. This retreat may fill up months in advance — If you want to guarantee your spot, fill out a brief application.

    Payment Terms
    • We accept payment through PayPal. Once your application is approved, we’ll issue you an invoice via email.
    • Prospective guests must pay a minimum deposit of 50% of the retreat cost to confirm their reservation. Guests can also choose to pay the full retreat amount when booking.
    • Fees should be paid in full 4 weeks prior to the start of a retreat.
    • For cancellations, we can only provide a refund if we’re able to fill your place in the retreat.
    • Please don’t book flights until we’ve accepted your application.

  • Availability

    Pisatahua’s Monthly Immersion Retreat Schedule (2018)
    We recommend contacting us to ensure no changes have been made not reflected in the list below. 

    Month Space Availability
    January Closed  Apply
    February Closed  Apply
    March Closed  Apply
    Abril  Closed  Apply
    May  Closed  Apply
    June  Closed  Apply
    July  Closed  Apply
    August  Closed  Apply

    * Monthly immersion guests are welcome to arrive any day of the week.
    * Please inform us of your prospective arrival dates when filling out the application form.

  • Retreat Itinerary

    Deep-immersion guests are invited to participate in all the activities offered to our 9-day retreat participants; however, our healers generally recommend these guests limit their physical and social activities.  Each plant-medicine dieta is unique and so are the prescribed recommendations.

    Guests are welcome take out a canoe, borrow a fishing pole, explore our property, or assist our volunteers; however, most prefer to their days relaxing in their cabins.  All cabins are distanced throughout our 80 hectare property, allowing month-long guests to remain in relative isolation, should they choose.

    Food is provided and guests can also request access to the kitchen to prepare their own meals.  A minimum of 2 intimate ayahuasca ceremonies are held per week with the local community.  Guests should expect about 10 ceremonies per month.

    * Monthly immersion guests are welcome to arrive any day of the week.  Our staff will help plan your arrival, assist in booking internal (Bolivian) flights, make hotel reservations, and pick you up from the airport.  Guest are also welcome to extend their retreat beyond a month.

  • Additional Info

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