Pisatahua’s Amazon Location (Riberalta, Bolivia)

Pisatahua is located a 2 ½ hour journey from the Bolivian city Riberalta.  We operate on 80 hectares of rainforest land within the Aquicuana Jungle Reserve.  The retreat-center is completed isolated in one of most biologically diverse areas of the world.  

The Journey to Pisatahua

There have been many fallen trees, making the journey via boat dangerous. Until we clean the access to Pisatahua, we will bring guests in by 4×4 truck. Please contact us for more information. Below is a description of how we usually arrive.

Once in Riberalta, we begin our journey from a military port where the Madre de Dios (Mother of God) and Beni Rivers unite. Guests enter a private boat where they receive safety instructions and life vests. Shortly thereafter we set off and traverse the coast of the river. We occasionally observe fresh-water pink dolphins, alligators and giant river otters during this part of the trip. After an hour on the Beni River, our group arrives at a tributary which leads to the Aquicuana Lake Reserve.

During the rainy season (December to March), we navigate down the narrow tributary, observing the giant trees and wildlife, until arriving at the Aquicuana lake. During the dry season, our group exits the boat and follows a well-maintained trail in the reserve for about 2 kilometers. This easy hike leads through the rainforest to our northwestern dock in the Aquicuana Lake.

Guests then re-enter boats and continue their journey in the Lake Reserve. Venturing deeper into the jungle, we reach the ancestral land of the Esse Ejja. This part of the expedition takes about 45 minutes as we pass through an area of incredible biodiversity. Hidden on high-ground, among giant trees and foliage, we first observe the retreat-center.

Arriving to Riberalta, Bolivia

To arrive guests must first make their way to the Amazonian city of Riberalta. There are direct flights from airports in La Paz and Santa Cruz. Our staff will help you organize both local and international flights. We’ll pick you up at the airport in Riberalta and take you to Pisatahua. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.