~ Sustainable Bolivia ~
Pisatahua’s Sister Non Profit

Sustainable Bolivia is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization with offices in the United States and Bolivia. The organization’s mission it to promote economic and environmental sustainability through international collaboration with local Bolivian initiatives.  Sustainable Bolivia and Pisatahua are independent organizations; however, they are intimately connected through financial and human resource sharing.

Sustainable Bolivia (Cochabamba)

Sustainable Bolivia was originally founded in 2008 in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Since its inception, the organization has received over 1,000 volunteers from more than 50 countries and raised an estimated $500,000 to support grass-root initiatives in Bolivia. Additionally, since 2010, Sustainable Bolivia has provided 18 scholarships to qualified and deserving Bolivian students.

Sustainable Bolivia (In the Amazon)

Sustainable Bolivia is part of Fundación Amazonia which acts as Pisatahua’s non-profit extension, supporting community development and environmental protection programs in the Bolivian Amazon. Proceeds from Pisatahua’s Plant Medicine Retreat provide financial assistance to support these projects, while accommodating qualified and dedicated volunteers.

In 2017, Pisatahua will begin working alongside its sister non-profits to implement environmental sanitation and permaculture programs with its neighbors. Proposed projects include latrine construction, well chlorination, health education and sustainable agriculture.

Aquicuana Reserve

Efforts initiated by Fundación Amazonia and Sustainable Bolivia resulted in the establishment of the 20,000+ hectare Aquicuana Reserve. This area of remarkable beauty and unsurpassed biologically diversity is now protected from agriculture expansion, ranching, logging, mining and natural resource extraction. Sustainable Bolivia, Fundación Amazonia and Pisatahua help manage the reserve, ensuring that deforestation and degradation of lakes and rivers are alleviated.

Public Support

We’re looking for dedicated and experienced individuals to assist our community outreach projects.  Please refer to our volunteer page for more information, or contact us.  We also welcome donations, no matter how big or small.  Sustainable Bolivia is a 501(c)3 non-profit institution and any donation is tax deductible.