11-Day Chan Mi Gong & Plant Medicine Retreat

With Wara Wara and Dr. Zuzana Sebkova-Thaller

November 26 - December 6th, 2024

This retreat combines traditional Amazonian medicines with ancient Tibetan wisdom.

Guided by teachings of the medicine wheel, and under the supervision of Wara Wara Puma and Dr. Zuzana Sebkova-Thaller, retreat participants will live the interconnectivity of these practices as “they all speak the same language.”

Chan Mi Gong

Chan Mi Gong is an ancient Tibetan method of cultivating life energy. It assumes that everything is vibration and that vibration is the basis of communication among all living beings on earth and throughout the cosmos. The breath is its carrier.  

This practice is a special form of Qi Gong, which can be translated as “secret exercises that lead to meditative immersion.”  Over centuries it was secretly practiced by monks in the Himalaya. The wisdom was passed on only to selected children with special psychic abilities.

Chan Mi Gong is also known as “Spinal Qigong” because all of its movements start from the spine.  In a deep state of relaxation, the spine is waved up and down vertebrae after vertebra.  Chan mi Gong’s special focus is in rolling movements of the spine that helps to loosen spine blockages, to loosen the body in general, to increase blood circulation and body fluids and to enhance detoxication. 

Through this practice we rediscover the four possibilities of movement of the spine:
Waves, pendulums, turns, windings. The entire body is involved.

From a physical point of view, little by little we dissolve stagnation and bodily deposits.  This helps with restricted mobility in the vertebrae and tension in the back and pelvis.  The aim is to experience the spine swinging freely between heaven and earth like an antenna and thus to be in constant exchange with our sources of energy.

Developing internal energy, or QI, helps to:
– regulate body metabolism
– increase health
– prevent illness
– bring forth latent abilities and develop intelligence
– enhance consciousness

The Medicine Wheel

The medicine wheels represent the alignment and continuous interaction of the physical emotional mental and spiritual realities The circle shape represents the interconnectivity of all aspects of ones being including the connection with the natural world.  Medicine wheels are frequently believed to be the circle of awareness of the individual self; the circle of knowledge that provides the power we each have over our own lives.

The circle being primary influences how Native peoples view the world in the process of how life evolves, how the natural world grows and works together, how all things are connected, and how all things move toward their destiny.

How long ago stone medicine wheels were first created is still up for discussion but some have been dated to 4000 BC which is when the Great Egyptian Pyramids were built.  There are suggestions that the Bighorn Medicine Wheel; the largest and oldest, could be millions of years old. 

This Retreat

This special 11-day retreat provides individuals the opportunity to learn alongside these ancient practices, while working with plant medicines in one of the Amazon’s most biologically diverse rainforests. Space is limited to 12 guests with 2 healers and 2 trained multi-lingual facilitators.  Guests stay in spacious cabins with private bathroom/shower and spectacular views of the Aquicuana Lake. 

Our 11-day retreat includes 4 ayahuasca ceremonies, daily Chan Mi Gong practice/instruction and all the services mentioned below.

Master Plantaceremony

Permaculture Garden Cabin – $1,495.00

Lake-View 2 Person Cabin – $1,895.00

Lake-View Private Cabin – $2,595.00



Wara Wara

Wara Wara Puma is a female Shaman and medical doctor of Aymara origin, brought up by her mother and grandmother, both native aymara women.  She is well versed in Aymara healing practices and spirituality as well as Ayahuasca and San Pedro (Wachuma) ceremonies.  Wara is also a Sun-Moon Dance and Moon Mother facilitator. She has a pure and courageous heart and sings with the voice of an angel. Truly a treat to behold, Wara works with love, surrender and devotion. She maintains tha uttmost respect and care for her patients.  In addition to being an incredibly talented and dedicated healer,…
Learn more about Wara Wara