8-Day Ayahuasca Retreat in Amazon Jungle, Bolivia

With El Niño

Our 8-day diet provides individuals the opportunity to work with plant medicines in one of the Amazon’s most biologically diverse rainforests. Space is limited to 10 guests with 2 healers and 2 trained multi-lingual facilitators. Guests stay in spacious cabins with private bathroom/shower and spectacular views of the Aquicuana Lake. Our 8-day retreat includes 3 ayahuasca ceremonies, one tobacco ceremony and all the services mentioned below.

Master Plantaceremony

Permaculture Garden Cabin – $850.00

Lake-View 2 Person Cabin – $1,145.00

Lake-View Private Cabin – $1,595.00


El niño

El niño

After years of intense study that have included several month-long master plant dietas spent in solitude in the jungle, Niño is a curandero ayahuasquero, curandero tabaquero, curandero palero, curandero perfumero, and curandero oracionista. He has received and healed patients suffering from lesmanyasis, reproductive problems, addictions, depression, insomnia, anxiety, mal viento, heart problems and various forms of trauma.

He started his “camino de las plantas” at age eleven; however, it was durring his early teens was when he truly started to feel the call of the jungle and its medicines. To be able to support his parents and siblings, he turned…

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