Artisanal Soap Maker

Artisanal Soap Maker

Job Description:

Pisatahua is looking for an experienced individual who can help spearhead our handcrafted soap and cosmetics project.  This is a small-scale project intended to support the needs of the inhabitants of the Aquicuana Reserve and our guests.

Our staff will work alongside the selected candidate throughout the soap making process.  Together we will determine the best methods to employ, and the best materials to use.  We have access to numerous raw materials such as oils, aromatic herbs and medicinal plants from the amazon rainforest.

The ideal candidate will approach this endeavor with a spirit of adventure, innovation and experimentation.  This is a unique opportunity to gain an understanding of traditional plant-medicine practices, while being creative and making a lasting impression.


  • Experience preparing artisanal soaps and other cosmetic products from start to finish
  • A degree in chemistry or related field is preferred
  • Fluency in English and Spanish is preferred
  • Minimum time commitment of 3 months is preferred
  • Capacity to collaborate and work in a team environment
  • Physical and mental stability
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently with limited supervision
  • Flexibility and patience

How to Apply:

Please send the following information to, clearly stating your position(s) of interest:

  • Your CV/resume
  • A cover letter explaining your interest in partnering with Pisatahua

In your cover letter, please mention your available dates, languages spoken, specific skills that would be beneficial to our work, previous experience with plant medicines and/or retreats and what you hope to contribute during your stay with us.


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