Bolivia’s Big Day for Birders

By Shalynn Pack The Big Day – it’s the World Cup of birding, the day in which birders around the world spend all day trekking through the rain, snow, heat, and insects to try to document as many bird species as possible in just 24 hours. Bolivia started participating in the Big Day only recently,

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History of Riberalta, Bolivia

Riberalta’s Untold History

THE UNTOLD STORY OF RIBERALTA AND THE AMAZONIAN IDENTITY According to the standard written history of Riberalta, Amazonian Bolivia began after the arrival of rubber prospectors towards the end of the 19th century. Before that, it was an “empty space”.  This story effectively erases the presence of the original inhabitants of the Bolivian Amazon. Few

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Indians in Amazon Bolivia

Curiosities of the Amazon

  Did you Know? The Bolivian hero in War of the Acre was a Tacana Indian named Bruno Racua. Using flaming arrows, he led the retaking of Bahia, nowadays Cobija the capital of Pando, letting the Brazilian troops escape.   Did you Know? The first car that arrived in Bolivia was in Cachuela Esperanza (Beni),

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Pink Amazon River Dolphin

The Bolivian River Dolphin

River dolphins of Asia and South America are one of the most endangered species in the world. Their principle threats are man-made and include negative interactions with fisheries, poisoning and hunting by fishermen, river pollution and hydrocarbons, and fragmentation of their habitat due to dam construction. They are considered to be an important quality indicator of

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Riberalta, Bolivia: Amazon Attractions

With a warm and humid climate, Riberalta, Bolivia offers a wide variety of tourist attractions and breathtaking natural landscapes.  Some of Riberalta’s “sites to see” include:  Tumichuqua 20 km from Riberalta along the main highway to La Paz city stands Tumichuqua, which means Island of Palm Trees in Tacana native language.  Tumichuqua is a marvelous lake

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Ayahuasca Artist: David Esquibel

David was born in Pucallpa in the central Amazon in Peru. His parents were farmers, working on a slash and burn plot in the jungle. David and his 7 siblings were raised by his mother and uncle, ayahuasca visionary artist Pablo Amaringo.  In 1988, when his uncle Pablo started the Usko-Ayar Amazonian School, David was one of

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Bolivian Cocoa Plantation

Wild Cocoa Fruit

A Story of Wild Cocoa in the Bolivian Amazon Miguel Palomeque is perched on a large, dry, fallen tree trunk on his cocoa plantation, El Paraíso, situated in the jungle close to a tributary of the River Beni, near Carmen del Emero, a community in the Ixiamas district. He explains that last year, right here, to the

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