Riberalta, Bolivia: Amazon Attractions

RIBERALTA, BOLIVIA: AMAZON ATTRACTIONS With a warm and humid climate, Riberalta, Bolivia offers a wide variety of tourist attractions and breathtaking natural landscapes.  Some of Riberalta’s “sites to see” include:  Tumichuqua 20 km from Riberalta along the main highway to La Paz city stands Tumichuqua, which means Island of Palm Trees in Tacana native language.  Tumichuqua […]

Giant River Otter of the Amazon

Giant Amazon Otters in Bolivia

GIANT RIVER OTTER OF THE AMAZON The Giant River Otter in Bolivia Pteronura brasiliensis, also known as the giant otter, is already extinct in Uruguay and possibly Argentina.  In Bolivia populations remain, despite dangers that threaten them. According to the Red Book of Endangered Vertebrates of Bolivia (2010), the otter is considered an “endangered” species; […]

Anderson Debernardi – Ayahuasca Visionary Artist

ANDERSON DEBERNARDI – AYAHUASCA VISIONARY ARTIST Anderson Debernardi’s art creates an opening into the unseen world explored through sacred traditions of the Amazonian peoples.  Through his art Debernardi tells the story of the Amazon and mythological beings who secretly reside there. Andy is a strong advocate for the preservation of the rainforest and sees the […]

Alex Grey – Visionary Artist

ALEX GREY – VISIONARY ARTIST Alex Grey is a mystic/visionary artist, teacher and author. His art spans a variety of forms including visionary/mystic art, sculpture, painting, performance art, process art and installation art. Alex is co-founder of the Mission of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors which seeks to build a sanctuary of visionary art to inspire every […]

Alexandre Segrégio – Visionary Artist

Traditional Amazon Ayahuasca

ALEXANDRE SEGRÉGIO – VISIONARY ARTIST Alexandre Segrégio is a visionary artist whosethemes are predominated by the power, enchantments and magic of Nature.  His art demonstrates the wealth of flora and fauna as well as the traditional rituals of the indigenous inhabitants of the Amazon.  Segrégio’s art demonstrates the magic that permeates the forests revealing the […]

Felix Pinchi Aguirre (Ayahusca Artist)

Ayahuasca Artist in Bolivia

FELIX PINCHI AGUIRRE (AYAHUSCA ARTIST) Felix Pinchi Aguirre was born on August 21, 1983 in Huanuco, Peru.  Since he was a young boy, Felix attended painting classes at the Usko-Ayar Amazonian School and received personal instruction from the well-known ayahuasca artist Pablo Amaringo.  Growing up Felix experimented with impressionism and surrealism.  After taking ayahuasca for the […]

Ayahuasca in Bolivia (A Short Story)


AYAHUASCA IN BOLIVIA (A SHORT STORY) Its early evening and Badi is looking out the fifth-story window of her new apartment perched in Cochabamba’s northern foothills. With the 18,000 foot peaks of Mount Tunari to her back, Badi’s apartment surveys the valley below. To the West, a clear view of the “Christo de Concordia;” a 33 […]