Ayahuasca Apprenticeship

Plant Medicine Apprenticeship

Our apprenticeship provides guests the opportunity to undergo an intensive plant medicine training.  Apprentices follow ancestral initiation techniques overseen by our healers to learn the principles that form the heart of the ayahuasca tradition in South America.  Like the process of self-realization, the specific processes of the apprenticeship are unique to each individual.  The approach and techniques employed will vary from student to student based on their specific needs, skills and maturity.

Ayahuasca Apprenticeship

Pictured: Healer Franz del Aquila
Artist: Walter Tamani Arirama

Healing, Liberation, Evolution

Many who choose this path have the intention to awaken their potential as a healer.  The purpose of undergoing the apprenticeship process however is not limited to this goal.  The primary intention of all participants should first and foremost be to commit deeply to the challenging personal process of one’s own healing, liberation and evolution. Over time apprentices learn to support others in their healing journeys as well.

Pisatahua healers’ provide the daily guidance required to undergo this process; however, students must also maintain their own personal initiative throughout. This work isn’t easy, or for the faint of heart. Even if you are already on the path to become a healer, we provide the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the world of plant spirit healing.  If you feel the call to learn the ancient healing traditions of plant medicine, this apprenticeship may be for you.

We encourage anyone who is seriously interested to contact us.  Typically guests will have already dieted at Pisatahua and established a relationship with their teacher/curandero.


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