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Ayahuasca Facilitators

Erik graduated from UC Davis in 2001 with a degree in political science and history. After working for a year as the coordinator of a high school intervention center, Erik moved to Berlin where he conducted research for The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung. In 2005, Erik began a master’s program in social sciences through the Global Studies Programme. He studied on three continents receiving degrees from the University of Freiburg (Germany), KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa) and Jawaharlal Nehru (India); graduating number one in his class. His thesis was heavily informed by research conducted while working for the Ecuadorian based non-profit YanaPuma. Erik moved to Bolivia and founded the non-profit Sustainable Bolivia in 2007. Erik currently serves as Sustainable Bolivia’s executive director and board president. In 2013, Erik worked as a graduate assistant at the University of New Mexico in the anthropology department. Alongside his wife Sasha, Erik is one of the founders and on-site managers of Pisatahua.

Sasha was born in the Bolivian Amazonian town of Riberalta. The daughter of a Bolivian anthropologist, she spent her early youth living with the Ese Eja people in the community —. She attended highschool in La Paz, before moving to Cochabamba to pursue a degree in Law. Sasha has worked and studied all over the world. She studied English in Australia, cooking in Peru and psychology in the US. She has experience working as a model, a chef, a yoga instructor and as the director of communications for the non-profit Sustainable Bolivia. Sasha is fluent in Spanish, English and Portuguese. She is an experienced guide and ceremonial facilitator. She oversees numerous aspects of life at Pisatahua as the main chef and yoga instructor. Alongside her husband Erik, she is one of the founders and on-site managers of Pisatahua.

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