Indians in Amazon Bolivia

Curiosities of the Amazon

  Did you Know? The Bolivian hero in War of the Acre was a Tacana Indian named Bruno Racua. Using flaming arrows, he led the retaking of Bahia, nowadays Cobija the capital of Pando, letting the Brazilian troops escape.   Did you Know? The first car that arrived in Bolivia was in Cachuela Esperanza (Beni),

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Bolivian Cocoa Plantation

Wild Cocoa Fruit

A Story of Wild Cocoa in the Bolivian Amazon Miguel Palomeque is perched on a large, dry, fallen tree trunk on his cocoa plantation, El Paraíso, situated in the jungle close to a tributary of the River Beni, near Carmen del Emero, a community in the Ixiamas district. He explains that last year, right here, to the

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