~ Fundación Amazonia ~

Fundación Amazonia is a Bolivian-based non-profit that fosters ecologically sounds solutions for economic and social development in the Amazon Basin.  Founded in 2017, Fundación Amazonia acts a Pisatahua’s non-profit extension to promote community based ecotourism, environmental sanitation, workshops/ educational outreach and regenerative agricultural projects.

Aquicuana Reserve

Efforts initiated by Fundación Amazonia and Sustainable Bolivia resulted in the establishment of the 20,000+ hectare Aquicuana Reserve. This area of remarkable beauty and unsurpassed biologically diversity is now protected from agriculture expansion, ranching, logging, mining and natural resource extraction. Fundación Amazonia and Pisatahua help manage the reserve, ensuring that deforestation and degradation of lakes and rivers are alleviated.

More to Come

Fundación Amazonia is committed to protecting our land, communities and traditions.  We are looking for partners who can help us realize our mission – Contact Pisatahua if interested in volunteering or making a donation.  More to come…