Pisatahua facilitates holistic health & consciousness expansion for those seeking a positive life transformation.

We Believe

• We believe in integral and holistic health.
• We believe in the concept of “Sumak Kawsay;” or “Live Well.”
• We believe that reciprocity is essential to achieving equilibrium & harmony.

Integral Health is an approach to life. Rather than focusing on a specific illness, this approach considers the whole person, and how he or she interacts with his or her environment. Integral health emphasizes the connection of mind, body, spirit and shadow.

Sumak Kawsay (Live-Well) is a culture based on communitarian principals. This concept advocates harmonious relationships between human beings and the natural world.  To “Live Well”, one must seek equilibrium within one’s self, one’s community, and with Nature.

Reciprocity is one of the guiding principles of “Living Well.” Exploitive relationships with Nature, or with fellow human beings, create disequilibrium. To achieve holistic health of the individual, we must also seek harmony with Nature and the community we live in.