Master Plant Diets

Master Plant Diets

For those seeking an immersive experience, we provide master plant-diets that range from 1 to 6 months in duration.  Typically individuals who choose this treatment option are seeking serious change in their physical and/or mental well-being.

Sincere diets of this duration are extremely effective at helping aliviate challenging ailments such as autoimmune issues, addictions and traumas.  Deep physical & emotional healing, elevated states of consciousness, and profound personal transformations are common.

During la dieta, guests receive  medicinal plants prescribed by our healers.  The specific plant is chosen according to the distinct physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each guest.

Purpose of La Dieta

The intention of the plant diet varies from individual to individual; however, the purpose of the diet is for the individual to form a lifelong relationship with the plant spirit he/she is dieting. Like any relationship, the quality of the relationship will be determined by the energy and dedication he/she gives to the dieting process.

Sincere attention given to the plant throughout the fast will help unlock information stored within the plant and aid them in their healing journey. The plant dieta is, therefore, an opportunity to build a life-long relationship with a plant spirit that will continue to provide guidance, healing and courage. For more information on la dieta – Ayahuasca Diet: Traditional Detox.


Guests may also utilize this time to awaken their potential as a healer.   Amazonian curanderos have traditionally used dieting master plants in seclusion to open their hearts and minds, while seeking guidance from the spirits of the plant to learn how they can heal others.

The same is not uncommon for guests who may first seek personal healing before engaging in an apprenticeship with one of our curanderos.  We typically ask all guests interested in an apprenticeship to begin by dieting at our center.  For more information on our apprenticeship see: Ayahuasca Apprenticeship.

Retreat Services

Our month-long retreat provides a full-immersion experience into the world of plant medicines. All guests stay in lake-view cabins with private bathrooms and showers.   Monthly retreats include close consultation with our healers and all the services mentioned below.

Retreat Cost & Terms

$3,000 per month

★ We typically limit month-long diets to a maximum of 2 participants.
★ Retreat fees help fund community development and conservation projects.
★ Scholarships options are available for those in need.

★ No cost to Apply.

  • We accept payment online. Once your application is approved, we’ll issue you an invoice via email.
  • Guests pay a deposit of 50% retreat cost to confirm their reservation. Guests can also pay the full retreat amount.
  • New COVID-19 terms for cancellations: For 2021 all deposits/payments are fully transferable or refundable.
  • Please don’t book flights until we’ve accepted your application.

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