Location in Riberalta

Pisatahua’s Amazon Location (Riberalta, Bolivia)

Pisatahua is an hour journey from the town Riberalta.  The center operates on 80 hectares of private land within the Aquicuana Reserve.  

Arriving to Riberalta, Bolivia

Plane: There are two airlines that currently service Riberalta: BoA and Ecojet.  BoA typically flies to Riberalta 4 times a week and Ecojet flies everyday; both have connections from all major cities in Bolivia.

For international travelers, we recommend guests fly into Santa Cruz and take a connecting flight to Riberalta with BoA.  Purchasing the flight from outside the country can be difficult so we can arrange for this ticket if needed.  Please, just contact us and we will help you secure a connecting flight.

Bus: By bus the journey can be a bit unpredictable, especially during the rainy season. Nevertheless the trip is feasible and some guests choose to make the journey.  The trip costs about 180 Bs ($ 25) from La Paz or Santa Cruz and should last about 30 hours in the dry season. The trip is arduous and not for the fainthearted but the landscapes are impressive.  We do not recommend guests arrive by bus during the rainy season (December through March) as the road conditions can make travel impossible.

We meet guests in Riberalta and transport them to Pisatahua.  If you have any questions about planning your arrival, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Aquicuana Reserve:

The Aquicuana Reserve (Área Protegida y Reserva Natural Aquicuana) is located about 25 kilometers from the town of Riberalta in the Beni Department of Bolivia. Its name, ‘Aquicuana,’ comes from the Tacana native language, meaning “land of the giant trees.”

In addition to our retreat center, the Reserve is home to two communities (San Jose and Warnes) and the picturesque lake, ‘Lago Aquicuana.’  In 2016, Pisatahua and the local communities worked to expand and formalize the protection of areas surrounding the lake.  Together, the group established the Aquicuana Reserve, providing protection to more than 20,000 hectares of rainforest.

With the support of biology volunteers, Pisatahua’s been building an inventory of the plant and animal species to raise awareness locally and internationally of the need to protect this unique and diverse ecosystem.  We’ve been amazed at the biodiversity discovered.  Thus far we’ve identified more than 350 bird species alone.