Scholarship Program

In partnership with our non-profit outreach, Pisatahua assists qualified Bolivian students realize their academic and professional goals.

Our Scholarship Program focuses on providing substantial financial assistance to deserving students. Scholarships generally cover inscription, tuition, transport and other school-related materials.

With continued community support, and the help of funds generated from Pisatahua, this scholarship program will continue to expand.

Our goal is to provide effective support to young adults for many years to come.   If interested in making a donation, please contact us.


We provide support to students who demonstrate the potential for future success.

Brenda, was born in the city of Cochabamba, on October 7th, 1995. Brenda, is a single mother, and has a 2 year old daughter Estefani.

Brenda, has lived with her aunt since she was quite young, when her parents separated going their different ways, leaving her and her brothers behind. Brenda, completed her secondary schooling at Colegio Alcides Arguedas. After graduating Brenda, decided to follow her passion for cooking and study Gastronomy at the Technical Institute Federico Álvarez Plata.

Brenda, has been supported by the Scholarship Program since 2016. She is now completing her first internship at the Cochabamba Hospital working in the kitchen where she is learning how to prepare new dishes and specific diets for different patients.


Justina, was born in Chayanta, Potosi, on June 1st, 1997. Justina, moved to Cochabamba with her family when she was 6 months old. Justina, completed her secondary schooling at Colegio Republica del Ecuador. After graduating Justina, worked for a year between high school and tertiary studies.

Justina, now works on the weekends and during holidays, to focus on her studies during the week. She is currently using her scholarship to study Accounting in the Technical Institute Federico Álvarez Plata. Justina, aspires to study medicine after completing her accounting degree, working part-time as an accountant to support herself.


Karina, was born in the city of Cochabamba, on August 21st, 1997. Karina, completed her secondary schooling at Unidad Educativa Jesus. Karina, lives with her family renting in the suburb of Santa Vera Cruz; however, soon they will move to Jatunpampa where they are constructing their own house.

This suburb is further from the center, up in the mountain, but it will be their own home and reduce monthly expenses for the family. Karina, takes her classes during the mornings and works in the afternoons, to raise money to finish the roof of her family home. She is currently using her scholarship to study a Secretary Course in the Technical Institute Federico Álvarez Plata. Karina, will commence her first practical placement in December 2017.

Bernardino Chucutea was born in 1991 in Chapare-Chimore, the tropical province of Cochabamba. As a child Bernardino and his family moved to the town of Tiquipaya, located apprximately 25km from the city Cochabamba. After relocating, Bernardino began his studies at the ‘Elizardo Pérez School’ where he also began attending the centro ‘La Colonia’ where he received additional educational support. 

In 2009 Bernardino graduated as one of the best students from ‘Republica de Venezuela High School’. Upon graduation Bernardino applied for a scholarship from Sustainable Bolivia to continue his studies and, based on his academic achievement and commitment, he was chosen as one of the recipients.  In 2015, Bernardino graduated with honors from the Universidad Mayor de San Simon.

Sandra was born in Cochabamba on December 6th, 1998.  She moved in with her grandmother as a baby, staying there until she was 8 years old. 

Sandra’s grandmother taught her to read and write, while Sandra helped with household chores.  As a child she enrolled in elementary school and would occasionally visit her mother and siblings.  At the age of 8 her grandmother could no longer take care of her and she was taken to the “Defensoría de la Niñez.”  Sandra then moved to the orphanage “Madre de Dios,” where she would live before eventually ending up with Mosoj Yan.  

She spent the last years learning to make pastries, cook and sew.  She is extremely determined to learn new skills and make a better life for herself.  Sandra is one of SB’s scholarship recipients, studying tailoring and fashion design in the Technical School Don Bosco.

Wilma was born on May 1st, 1997.  As a young child, Wilma and her family worked by selling food in the streets.  While selling items downtown, Wilma met a Sister from Mosoj Yan who helped enroll her in morning classes so she could go to school and still work evenings to help support her family. 

Wilma’s mom struggled with illnesses throughout Wilma’s childhood and passed away while she was at primary school.  Workers at Mosoj Yan learned of her situation and invited her to live at one of their centers.  Wilma is an extremely pleasant and positive young woman.  She is currently using her scholarship to study tailoring and fashion design in the Technical School Don Bosco.


Damiani was born in La Paz on November 16, 1989. In 2003 she was forced to leave her family in La Paz and moved to the center ‘La Colonia’. At ‘La Colonia’ she received a place to stay as well as emotional and educational support while continuing her studies. In 2007, after attending several secondary schools, Damiani graduated from Santa ‘María Mazzarello High School’.

In 2008 she entered a program through the Ministry of Labor which allowed her to study Technical Logistics and Marketing. After finishing in 2009, Damiani applied for a scholarship from Sustainable Bolivia. After being chosen as a scholarship recipient Damiani started her bachelor’s degree in Public Accounting at the ‘Universidad Mayor de San Simon’ in 2010.

Benita began working full-time at the age of 10 to help support her family.  Although she worked from 4:00-7:00 in the morning and 5:00 to 9:00 at night, she continued to attend school and succeed in her studies.  Her schedule was so hectic there were times when she contemplated quitting school to concentrate on work, but she persevered. 

One day the director of one of SB’s partner organizations, Educar Es Fiesta, gave a presentation at her school and inspired her to pursue one of her dreams in performance art. 

She is currently acting in a show called Viajeros.  With the support of a scholarship from Sustainable Bolivia, Benita is studying Culinary Arts with an interest in working with Bolivian youth on nutrition issues.

Since 2008, Antonella has participated in the activities of PAI Tarpuy, a center that provides support services to children and adolescents who are living and/or working on the streets. Despite a difficult home life, Antonella stayed focus during school and maintained excellent grades. 

Because of her passion to help other disadvantaged youth, Antonella has decided to pursue a studies in Social Work at the Institute Fundacion Cristo Vive.  She has a heart of gold and tenacity to succeed.  We are honored to have her as one of our scholarship recipients.


Lidia Ines Kantuta Bolivar was born in 1988 in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Lidia worked for the duration of her high school studies to help support her 2 younger brothers and mother.

She graduated from the ‘Edmundo Bojanowski High School’ and was accepted to University but could not afford to continue her studies.  Sustainable Bolivia offered her a scholarship and she enrolled in a nursing program at the ‘Universidad de Aquino Bolivia’. Lidia has excelled in all of her classes, graduating with honors in 2015. 

In addition to paying her tuition, Sustainable Bolivia also supports Lidia providing a stipend for her transportation, photocopies for school and a basic food needs for her family.  Her success helped inspire the expansion of SB’s Scholarship Program.  Click here to see an SB video featuring Lidia.


María Elena Chureño Molle was born on June 6th, 1993.  She studied in the Atiy Holanda School through her first year of high school.  Due to various reasons she had to drop out of school and support herself. 

She began receiving support from our partner organization, Mosoj Yan, and eventually received a scholarship from Sustainable Bolivia.  Maria studies cosmetology and hairdressing at Escuela Técnica Salesiana while also doing an apprenticeship at the Mundo de Belleza Salon.  She completed her degree in 2011 and is currently supporting herself as a cosmetologist.


Gabriela Villarroel was born on October 24, 1990.  Out of financial necessity, Gabriela entered the workforce shortly after graduating from the 8th grade.

Life was difficult for Gabriela for many years before she began receiving support from the NGO, Mosoj Yan.  With the support of Mosoj Yan and a scholarship offered by Sustainable Bolivia, she studied confectionery at the Instituto Salesiano where she specialized in dough.  Gabriela graduated with a degree in confectionery at the end of 2010.


Alejandra Carrión Mejía was born on April 20th, 1993 in Oruro, Bolivia.  She began school at Wilge Rodríguez School before switching schools to attend the ‘Nacional 6 de Agosto School’.

Alejandra faced many hardships both economic and personal before receiving support from the center for adolescent girls, Mosoj Yan.  Through Mosoj Yan, and a scholarship provided by Sustainable Bolivia, Alejandra studied Cosmetology and Hairdressing at the Escuela Técnica Salesiana.  To compliment her studies, Alejandra works at the Unisex Salon.


Paola Natalia Laime Saavedra was born November 23rd 1992.  She studied until the 8th grade when she dropped out of school to live and work on her own. 

She was in a very difficult financial and personal situation until she became affiliated with Mosoj Yan.  At Mosoj Yan she has been able to live a stable life and with the help of a scholarship she receives from Sustainable Bolivia she has begun studying hairdressing. 

To compliment her studies, she is also doing an apprenticeship at the Gomina Salon, where she can perfect her technique.  In December of 2010, she graduated from her technical institute as well as from Mosoj Yan.


Yovana was born in Cochabamba on June 19, 1989.  Due to an unsafe family environment, Yovana moved to ‘Mosoj Yan’; a shelter that provides emotional and psychological support for young girls.  With the help of ‘Mosoj Yan’, Yovana was able to focus on her studies and graduate from high school.

Yavona has always been interested in helping those in need which was one of the main reasons she decided to pursue a career in nursing.  She is currently pursuing a degree in nursing at the Professional Institute San Ignacio. With the support of SB’s scholarship, Yovana has been able to leave her job and focus on her studies full time.


Julia suffered from an extremely difficult childhood and faced many hardships for most of her early life.  In an effort to improve her living situation she moved into the ‘Mosoj Yan’ shelter for adolescent girls.  She has successfully integrated herself into the center and is now pursuing a technical degree focused on textile sewing. 

Julia hopes to learn how to make clothes for herself and her baby, while also making enough money to support her family.  She is a resilient young woman with a positive attitude and bright future. Click here to see an SB video featuring Julia.


Jacqueline endured many hardships as a young child but through it all she has persevered and maintained an extremely positive attitude.  Due to an unsafe home environment she moved into an orphanage as a young girl. 

With the help of scholarship offered by Sustainable Bolivia, Jacqueline is currently studying professional textile sewing.  She is hopeful this career choice will provide enough income to support herself financially in the future. Jacqueline is driven to succeed and very confident her in her abilities. Click here to see an SB video featuring Jacqueline.


Matilde was born on November 9th, 1987 in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  She has a young daughter who currently attends elementary school.  Matilda received a scholarship from Sustainable Bolivia, and, in 2012, finished her studies in fashion design.  Matilde continues to live and work with Mosoj Yan as an educator and night supervisor and the center is extremely grateful for her contributions. 

Matilda is a very warm person, determined to make a better life for herself and her daughter.