Sustainable Ecolodge

At Pisatahua we employ energy-efficient innovations to enhance the comfort and aesthetic experience of our guests.  We make every possible attempt to utilize local, natural, and sustainable building materials for housing and furniture.

We use renewable energy resources and we’ve implemented simple, cost-efficient, energy and water conservation measures.  We treat grey-water and recycle all our waste

Sustainable Construction at Pisatahua

Our facilities were constructed with sustainably-harvested wood, bamboo, and palm leaves.  We designed all of our infrastructure in accordance with traditional construction techniques; however, these methodologies were adapted to meet our specific needs.  Local community members are employed for all our construction and maintenance needs.

All construction methods minimized the removal of vegetation.  The trees whose lives we spared return the favor by cooling down the area and shielding our guests from the sun.

We constructed limited number of elevated walkways to prevent soil erosion and protect fragile ecosystems.  These walkways also protect our guests from the jungle elements.

Energy and Water Conservation

Due to our remote location, we’re completely off-grid and we must generate our own electricity.  Electricity use is limited to power a few appliances such as common-area lighting, water pumps, and kitchen equipment.

At Pisatahua we’ve taken steps to minimize our water usage by implementing a few simple measures including: low-flow restrictor valves, low-flow toilets and water saving nozzles. Furthermore, guests are encouraged to use 100% biodegradable, phosphorous-free soap and shampoo.

Some of our energy conservation measures include:

  • Low-watt LED light-bulbs
  • Drying racks on clothes line
  • Reusing towels and linens
  • High efficiency appliances
  • Energy efficient refrigeration

Recycling and Composting

Pisatahua’s goal is to Leave-No-Trace when it comes to waste.  Anything we pack in, we bring out.  We recycle everything we can in the city of Riberalta.  All organic matter from the kitchen is composted.  A conscious effort is made to reduce all packaging.  Whenever possible we purchase supplies made from recycled materials.


Passive Cooling Techniques

Air conditioning isn’t available at Pisatahua, so we designed our lodge utilizing several passive-cooling techniques including:

  • Wrap-around porches (to keep direct sun from main living areas);
  • Limit the removal of trees and vegetation
  • High-pitched ceilings
  • Open design for maximum airflow
  • Situated buildings to face the lake to maximize cool breeze and view
  • Provide adequate shade through the use of vegetation and facility orientation.

Each structure is situated according to its preexisting surroundings, placed within indigenous trees and vegetation for both an optimum view and maximum privacy.

Sustainable Furniture

All of our furnishings are made by local artisans and carpenters with sustainably harvested wood.  This includes tables, chairs, bed frames, wardrobes, bookshelves, cabinets and night stands.

These represent a few of the conservation strategies implemented at Pisatahua to minimize our impact on the local ecosystem.

Pisatahua's Non-Profits

Pisatahua acts as a funding mechanism to implement developmental projects through our non-profits Fundación Amazonia and Sustainable Bolivia.



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