What is a Pisatahua?

What’s a “Pisatahua”?

Pisatahua means blue dragonfly in the native Ese Ejja language. This name was given to us by Pisatahua’s original healer and spiritual guide Don Rómulo Miquery.

Long before we began construction on the retreat-center, Don Rómulo visited our land and was amazed at the number of Motacu trees and dragonflies. Don Rómulo informed us that in the Ese Ejja cosmovision dragonflies represent personal transformation and provide a crucial link to the spirit realm. He explained that the most powerful and illusive are the blue dragonflies or “Pisatahua’s.”

Don Rómulo left the physical world in 2016 but he forever remains a source of inspiration. We are honored to carry the name he bestowed upon us.

Bolivian Shaman

Left: Wigberto Rivero Pinto
Right: Don Rómulo Miquery


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